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Land Clearing: Steps for Developing a Vacant Property in Florida

Florida is a rapidly growing state, and with that growth there is a need for more space for homes and businesses. We often get land-clearing requests from property owners and potential property owners that are looking to develop a vacant property for the first time. More often than not, they are unaware of the best… Read more »

To Mulch or Not to Mulch?

When speaking with a potential customer that is looking for land-clearing services, the first thing we do is ask a specific series of questions that allows us to understand the scope of work on the property and most importantly-are we the best option for the job. Most of the time that equates to is our… Read more »

Support Local Small Businesses!

During these rough times with the global pandemic, ShadowCat appreciates all the people have used our services on their properties. Without your support these times would be very trying. One by product of the global pandemic has been the large amounts of layoffs. This has lead to many industries being saturated by untrained people attempting… Read more »

To Bushhog or not to Bushhog!

I am often asked about bushhogging and the difference between bushhogging and forestry mulching. Bushhogging is for grass and bushes, and forestry mulching is for thick overgrowth and small trees… but a question remains, why is some bushhogging cheaper than others? Bushhogging is really two types of cutting. There is the basic grass bushhogging. This… Read more »

ShadowCat Land Management Blog

Welcome to ShadowCat’s blog. Periodically I will post about events for ShadowCat and also provide details about different projects I am working on so you can see how your project may be similar from start to finish. As noted in the “About” page, I was a Computer Software engineer for 22 years in Central Florida…. Read more »