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Land Clearing: Steps for Developing a Vacant Property in Florida

Florida is a rapidly growing state, and with that growth there is a need for more space for homes and businesses. We often get land-clearing requests from property owners and potential property owners that are looking to develop a vacant property for the first time. More often than not, they are unaware of the best… Read more »

To Mulch or Not to Mulch?

When speaking with a potential customer that is looking for land-clearing services, the first thing we do is ask a specific series of questions that allows us to understand the scope of work on the property and most importantly-are we the best option for the job. Most of the time that equates to is our… Read more »

Forestry Mulching: Environmentally Friendly Land Clearing

Forestry mulching has emerged as a popular and environmentally friendly land clearing method. ShadowCat Services uses a CAT289D3 fitted with a HKM316 Forestry Mulcher to grind trees, brush, and other vegetation into small chips that can be left on the ground as a natural mulch. In this blog post, we will explore how forestry mulching… Read more »

The Problem with Palmettos

It is hard to escape having palmettos on your property. Having a few palmettos is manageable; however, having a large concentration of them can be a nightmare. Saw Palmetto, commonly referred to as “Palmetto”, is a shrubby palm species native to Florida. They typically grow in clumps about five to ten feet tall and spreads… Read more »