Why Hire ShadowCat?

Hiring a forestry mulching or land clearing professional can be frustrating since the project and budget concerns may become overwhelming. Throw in the chance at hiring someone who is just renting equipment and doesn’t know how to achieve the results you want, and the process just becomes a nightmare and overly expensive!

Let David and Sherri at ShadowCat walk you through the process from your initial thoughts on what you properties you are looking at purchasing all the way to actually clearing the land. We will answer your questions free of charge with no obligation… this is what we love to do!‚Äč

Some Reasons to Hire ShadowCat

A legitimate company, not a fly-by-night fake company – ShadowCat Services, Inc is registered with the State of Florida (sunbiz.org) and holds a business license in Volusia County where we are based. Not all “businesses” are registered with Sunbiz.org and even fewer obtain a business license with their local county.

David and Sherri love doing this work!
– Compared to someone just doing a job and collecting a paycheck, the results show in not only the work but also in how you and we will interact with you through the process from the first call to the final job results.

David and Sherri show up when you expect us! – How many times have you made an appointment for getting a quote or having work done and the contractor does not show up or they make one excuse after another for missing the meeting? Are they hard to get a hold of? We show up when we have made an appointment and we respond to calls and text day and night and even weekends so we are easy to get a hold of at your convenience!

We offer one service, Land Management – ShadowCat Services, Inc specializes in Land Management using the environmentally friendly Forestry Mulcher. Often times Land Clearing is used as a generic service name, but Land Management works within the property to save trees and tortoise burrows, etc. Land Clearing is generally what you see at shopping centers or new subdivisions where the land is clear cut and only sand remains. We offer related Root Raking and Grading services to complement the forestry mulcher work if you require it. Some businesses out there offer a laundry list of services which means they are not specialist. We do not offer sod services, irrigation, fencing, cement work, etc. Would you hire a person who dabbles in mechanics to fix your car, or would you prefer a full time ASE certified mechanic?

No Money Due Upfront – We do not require any payment upfront for most jobs. With ShadowCat Services, there is only one instance that payment is provided prior to the clearing and that is when the property owner/representative cannot be on-site when the clearing is completed. If you book a multi-day job, payment is taken every two-days of clearing (after the clearing is done). Do not trust companies who ask for full payment up front, or a deposit on a one day job when you are able to be on-site the day of the clearing! On one day jobs, you pay ShadowCat Services, Inc after the job has been completed. If the contractor makes a request for a deposit, never pay a deposit on a one day job! There are plenty of scammers in the area that take the deposit and then conveniently have a machine break down before showing up at your property. We will never ask for money upfront.

Price Protection
– Once we agree on price, it doesn’t change mid way through the job! The only changes to pricing are if you change the scope of the job! Also we honor prices we give you even if it takes three months until you are ready to have the work done. There is never pressure to sign up for the work right now. Take your time, think about it or if you are in the process of buying property you will know the cost to clear it prior to purchasing the property.

ShadowCat Services, Inc has stellar customer reviews on Google Business! – Just check us out on Google and read 5 star review after 5 star review. Link to the reviews is also on our homepage.

Professionalism – After 22 years in the computer industry and 9 years running ShadowCat, you can be assured of being treating professionally and all of your thoughts and ideas treated respectfully. We will provide you all the information you need or request to make an informed decision without any of the pressure some contractors try to place on customers to sign up for work.

One on one partnership – We work together through entire process! No salesmen or random crew members, just you, David and Sherri.

ShadowCat Services, Inc is a registered business with the State of Florida – Don’t hire a company that you cannot confirm exists… check Sunbiz.org to make sure they are registered with the State of Florida and are active as well as one which can provide a copy of their local County’s business license. Many people start doing work without being officially registered with the State of Florida and their local County. If they are not registered on Sunboz.org and do not hold a county business tax license, they cannot obtain insurance.

ShadowCat Services, Inc owns it’s machine and attachments – Owning all of our machines means no pass through rental charges to you! If a company is not dedicated enough to own their equipment, how much skill do you think they have operating the rental equipment? Check out ShadowCat’s equipment HERE

ShadowCat Services, Inc is not a fly by night company – Be wary of companies that have just started. Many come out of the woodwork during good economies to take advantage of people. If they rent machines, it should be a red flag! If their selling point is “Half Off!” it should be a huge red flag! Rental machines in their pictures will have Ring Power, Sunbelt, Synergy, or other rental company logos on them. True companies that own their equipment wouldn’t post pictures of rental machines, even if their machine “was in the shop” as they should have pictures of their machine with company logos on it similar to how our machine has our ShadowCat name and logo.

ShadowCat Services, Inc works 7 days a week – We can work on any day that fits your schedule… and best of all, we do not charge extra for weekend work! If you are busy during the week at your job, we will happily work with you on the weekday. Working around your schedule is simply good customer service!

ShadowCat Services, Inc has a spotless record with the Better Business Bureau! – ShadowCat is proud to have positive reviews and no issues!

Free advice – We can discuss your project, best ways to reduce costs, etc. We will refer you to hauling companies or tree service companies as needed that will give you best price and service in their industries. How many companies will talk to you multiple times without payment? How many companies will eliminate themselves as the “middle man” and give you numbers directly to other contractors who could better serve your needs?

Consultation – Considering multiple different properties to purchase? Let’s talk about what to look for and what to avoid. How many other companies do this without charging you! We are here to help you achieve your dream property and often times that means helping guide you through the property selection process!

Worry free – Your vision will be accomplished on the first job, no need to hire a follow on contractor to finish the work! We often times are hired to fix what a bushhog company did wrong by acting like they are a land clearing company.

ShadowCat Services, Inc operates top of the line equipment – Caterpillar 299D3 X3 Land management machine and attachments, and Denis Cimaf forestry mulcher attachment specifically made for the land clearing jobs!

ShadowCat Services, Inc carries General Liability insurance! – Only hire companies that carry insurance. A company that cares will make sure everything is covered if an accident happens!

Locality – We live in Volusia County currently and spent 25 years in neighboring Seminole County.

Did we mention… we love doing the work!