Land Clearing Services

ShadowCat is one of the few companies specializing in clearing out heavily wooded land. We go into the property to remove all the overgrowth and leave the large trees standing while clearing everything else. Never will you see a bulldozer or excavator chewing up the land that ShadowCat works on since those machines cannot offer the precision cutting needed to properly groom your property. David, ShadowCat’s owner/operator can get within an inch of a tree as a result of using the proper equipment.​

Land Clearing is generally divided into two distinct specialties: Forestry Mulching and Bush Hogging. ShadowCat offers both services.​

Forestry Mulching uses the Forestry Mulcher, which is the red Fecon attachment in the gallery below. Bush Hogging uses the second attachment shown in the gallery, the yellow Diamond Mower. ShadowCat uses the appropriate attachment for the job!​

Forestry mulching is a process where all organic material is mulched and put back into the ground. The main advantages of this process is the natural fertilizer from the end product, and the cost savings as there is nothing left to haul off or burn. A Forestry mulcher can mulch small trees and brush without a problem.​

Bushhogging is what you see county and state workers doing along side roads as well as farm tractors in pastures. However, not all bushhogs are the same! A standard bushhog being pulled by a tractor cannot clear and overgrown field. It can maintain the field, but not clear it. The reason? Simply a matter of how the bushhog is used. A farm tractor pulling a bushhog has to drive through tall grass before the bushhog cuts it. This can lead to damage fuel line and such when the tractor hits a stump. A heavy duty bushhog like ShadowCat’s Diamond mower is pushed in front of the machine. This allows the bushhog to cut all brush and tall grass before the machine runs into a stump or other hazard. Furthermore, the armor plating on a track loader like the Cat289D protects the machine from damage. After ShadowCat bushhogs your property you can use a farm tractor to maintain it or call ShadowCat back for a maintenance cut once a year.​

Check the gallery below for examples of the results these attachments achieve.