Forestry Mulching Services

Forest Mulching Services FL

Do you have acreage that you simply have no idea what it looks like because it is so overgrown? Are you trying to sell some property and wish to “open it up” so potential buyers can get a better view of what the land has to offer? Do you want to thin out the woods, but not clear cut the property?

ShadowCat Services, Inc specializes in Forestry Mulching, it accounts for 90% of our work. We do not offer a laundry list of services such as sod laying, irrigation, etc. Our services all support the land clearing process, and it all starts with Forestry Mulching!​

ShadowCat no longer uses a bushhog as they are inefficient and make a mess of the property if there is anything other than just grass. A bushhog is limited in use to grass and small bushes, as the name implies. ShadowCat can “bush hog” your fields or pastures to eliminate any overgrowth, including small trees, palmettos, and large brush, by using our Forestry Mulcher. We sold our bushhog as we do not mow grass anymore, however many customers still use Bushhogging as the description when in fact they need a forestry mulcherLet us know what you need done and we will be happy to assist, or advise you if a farm tractor is the best option for you to save money.

Sometimes a farm tractor with a bush hog simply cannot do the job due to safety concerns. A farm tractor pulls the bush hog cutter through the grass and brush, however when the grass and brush is too high, a farm tractor is at risk to cut their fuel lines, damage the engine, etc due to hidden items in the grass. Enter a Cat299D3 compact track loader with its armor protection and the fact it pushes the mulcher through the tall grass and brush eliminating any chance to be damaged.

Forestry mulching is the Land Management process by which a Forestry Mulching attachment (NOT a bushhog!) is used to mulch the trees, vines, bushes and such, and lay down a layer of shredded material. This material could be little chips, stringy wood depending on what is mulched. The layer of material will serve to fertilize the remaining trees or future landscaping, as well as insulate the existing trees roots. The below images show the Forestry Mulcher attachment (the CIMAF attachment). Before and After pics can be seen in the before-and-after Gallery.

If so, call ShadowCat because we specialize in the heavy woods where most companies will not go!