Root Raking

Root Raking is the process of using grapple claws as a rake to pull roots and small stumps out of the ground. In this process, ShadowCat pushes the front of the claws into the ground approximately six inches and then pushed through the dirt. The claws grab all large roots and pulls them out.​

What are benefits of root raking?

Removing the roots from the ground is essential in two specific instances:

#1 Concrete –  Root rake wherever concrete will be poured, which is typically driveways and foundations. You need to remove any vegetation from the ground before the concrete is poured. The reason is because any root system left in the soil after the concrete is poured will rot and decay, leaving a void in the ground (and if it wasn’t root raked) crack or even break the foundation.

#2 Horses –  Any area where horses are present. Because injuries to a horses’ leg can be fatal, removing any roots from horse-present areas is essential.

In other instances, the reasons for root raking are purely based on cosmetic and maintenance factors. While we primarily recommend root raking based on the two scenarios above, there are times to the customer’s needs (and vegetation involved) necessitate root raking.

A Real Customer Story: A property owner is clearing a property that includes a large amount of palmettos, but the property owner is not able to maintain the property because they are out of state.

Why we Recommend Root Raking: Palmettos are invasive. The forestry-mulching process typically kills about half of the palmettos on-site. However, about half will grow back. If a property owner was able to maintain this growth by quickly mowing/weed-whacking the palm from once it breaks the soil, the palmetto would die off. Because the property owner is unable to maintain the property, the better solution is to root rake the palmettos.

Pictured below is our Grapple Claw attachment which is used for root raking and debris moving.

Grapple Claws
Rake/Grapple Claws