Land Clearing - Palm Coast

ShadowCat Services, Inc is a land clearing professional corporation that can handle your Commercial Land Clearing or Residential Land Clearing needs. We are a land clearing specialist company so all of our years of experience are within Land Clearing and Land Management. We do not offer miscellaneous services like fencing or irrigation, and then add those years of experience to our background. 98% of our jobs use our forestry mulcher with the remaining just add on work after the forestry mulch such as root rake or basic grading.​

ShadowCat Services, Inc uses an environmentally friendly forestry mulcher to grind up all small trees and brush. Many customers think a bush hog is a land clearing tool, it is not. Bushhogs are used on the side of the road like on I-95 or for clearing tall pasture grass. You can review this information in the FAQ or Blog for more information on the differences.​

With nine years of forestry mulcher experience, you can be assured that our land clearing services are top notch. Check out our reviews on the homepage, not only is our end result great you will be happy with the customer service David and Sherri provide… be it helping you decide which property to buy to walking you through various steps in the process of clearing the property and building your home.​

Let ShadowCat Services, Inc handle you land clearing and land management needs.