Land Clearing - Ocala

Ocala land clearing may involve the removal of tall grass, or may be more along the lines of forestry mulching of small trees, overgrowth, vines, palmettos, and brush. ShadowCat is your one stop land clearing contractor in Ocala that is also a five star rated land clearing company on Google Business. Please check out all of our five star reviews!

From the moment you call ShadowCat land clearing, you will talk to David, the owner/operator of ShadowCat. This one on one relationship is very rare in the industry filled with companies where you get one price quote for land clearing services from a sales person, but then the operator changes the price in the field due to misleading communications about what can be done for a price. Not with ShadowCat, you will have your final price before works starts and the only change in price will be if you, the land owner, changes the job scope! There are no hidden costs when working with David!​

As a five star rated business on Google, ShadowCat is proud of the relations we have built with residential property owners and commercial property owners and our reviews show they love working with ShadowCat as well. ShadowCat has many return customers such as survey companies, real estate companies, large land owners, and even individuals who buy and sell land.​

ShadowCat specializes in land clearing services in Ocala and uses a forestry mulcher or bushhog to get the job done. Further services can include root raking, grading, fence line clearing, right of way maintenance, and more!

Call me today and let’s discuss your Ocala land clearing needs!