Land Clearing - Geneva

Since 2013 Geneva property owners have been using ShadowCat land clearing services to reclaim their properties. Geneva has a mix of pine, palmettos, oaks and other overgrowth which ShadowCat has vast experience handling.

With ShadowCat land clearing services you will only work with David, the owner/operator. Working together one on one will ensure you not only get the work done to your exact specifications, but also the costs will not change mid job! David is proud of his 5 star rating for ShadowCat on Google Business and invites you to read the 5 Star reviews.

ShadowCat mainly uses forestry mulching for land clearing services but also has a heavy duty bushhog for lighter overgrowth. While some companies use a bulldozer or excavator to tear apart your land, ShadowCat’s forestry mulcher is more more precise in it’s work. Please read our FAQ if you are interested in the difference between forestry mulching and bushhogging.‚Äč

Other services include root raking, grading, right of way maintenance, fence line clearing, survey clearing, and more. Land clearing services are the main services provided, but there are many other related services that we can provide.

Call me today and let’s discuss your Geneva land clearing needs!