Land Clearing - Crescent City

ShadowCat has been helping Crescent City property owners with all of their land clearing needs since 2013.

ShadowCat is a land clearing contractor based in Deland which specializes in Forestry Mulching . Mulching removes all the overgrowth which is visually unappealing and potentially hurting the health of the larger trees and mulches it into a natural fertilizer. In an effort to maximize profits, some companies will take down too many trees to make their work easier and quicker. ShadowCat works however works with you to bring your vision to fruition and only remove the overgrowth and small trees you want taken out while leaving any medium or large trees to keep the park like setting.​

Forestry mulching is a process that not only serves to clear out the property but also returns, via the mulching process, the nutrients to the land. This natural fertilizer decays in the dirt and makes the soil richer for future needs. Mulching also eliminates the need for hauling debris off. ShadowCat also offers root raking services and minor grading as needed to finish the property if you desire.​

Since 2013 ShadowCat, a 5 star rated Land Management contractor, has been serving residential property owners and commercial land owners in Central Florida.