Root Raking and Stump Removal

Root Raking is the process of using grapple claws as a rake and pulling roots out of the ground. In this process, ShadowCat pushes the front of the claws into the ground approximately six inches and then pushed through the dirt.  The claws grab all large roots and pulls them out.

Stump Removal is, of course, the removal of the stump and associated roots.  ShadowCat can grind many stumps down to ground level, but if you need the stump removed ShadowCat will use the grapple claws or the special stump removal attachment to get under the stump and pull it out of the ground and stack it for hauling.  Stump removal is required wherever a foundation or driveway would be laid at a later date so as to prevent cavities from forming later as the stump decays, causing possible foundation cracking.

Below are the Grapple Claws (left picture) and Stump Puller (right picture) attachments.